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  • Tumblr July 26, 2013, 7:37 am

    New Pew Research Center Study Shows Perceptions of Journalists Changing

    New blog post by Heather Saucier:

    A recent PR Daily article reported that public views about journalists’ contributions to society are declining, especially among women.  The new study by Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life found that only 28 percent of respondents consider journalists to make significant contributions to society and about 42 percent believe they make “some” contributions. Surprisingly, close to 30 percent of respondents believe they do not contribute anything. The survey was taken by 4,006 adults across the United States and named teachers, doctors and the military as the top three professions making significant contributions to society.

    As Thelma Grimes of The Explorer mentioned in her article, “A poll like that really puts in perspective how far journalists have digressed over the years. We’ve come from being one of the most respected career fields, to being one of those Americans distrust. The question is why?” This is a great question to explore the answer to. Why are journalists no longer held in high regard by the public?

    One reason might be the changes in journalism over the past decade. Media outlets are less objective and neutral, and the internet has allowed for anyone – regardless of credentials and education- to be a reporter. There is also the pressure of publicizing a “juicy” story for the sake of ratings, clicks and sales. Media outlets are faced with constant challenges to remain relevant in the digital age and as the definition of journalism changes, so does the perception towards those that work in the field.
    It’s time to get back to the basics and separate writing from ratings. As long as media outlets feel pressure for ratings, journalism unfortunately will continue to be skewed. There are, however, newspapers and radio and television stations that do emphasize the need for balanced, objective reporting. For journalists wanting to stay true to their craft, it is possible. Just do your research before applying for that job! For public relations professionals wanting fair coverage, it will take some hunting and pecking to find secure places to go. But they are there, despite their dwindling status.

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